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Tough & Tender, The Third Age and the Fourth Gender -

Golden Years in Contemporary Art


P8 gallery, Tel Aviv, 2014


Curators: Sagi Refael and Ora Ruven

"A cast of fallen breasts with pacifiers for nipples hangs over a tin bucket with a congealed pond at its base. In the third hall, a cast of a penis is hanged as a useless remnant above a fertile dried herb. These two sculptures by Etchi Werner-Nyiri may imply an independence of the organs, which do not obey their owner's desire. In the context of the current exhibition, they may be viewed as prosthetics, clarifying the performative aspect of gender and the embedded disappointment in the existence of replaceable or upgradable organs which can never regain their natural vitality."

Gravitation II, 2012, Plaster, Metal and Rubber, 110 x 49 x 34 cm.

Gravitation, 2012, Plaster & dry plant, 110 x 29 x 9 cm.

Installation View

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