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Trip to Shamballa


Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2007

"Ever since creation, humanity has been searching for it's roots, with ancient and lost cultures often being a major interest. Since Plato and "Atlantis-mania", through countless ancient scripts, people have been seeking the origins of one lost culture or another. When the search turned out furtile on earth, people have turned to the depths of the oceans, mountain peaks, deep caves or to the freezing poles. Even distant planets have today become a target of this search. Every way has been legitimate and, often, reality and imagination interwined.


Etchi Werner-Nyiri has been incorporating expendable materials into her works, together with bronze or aluminum casts. She uses mythological symbols to represent her ideas, which originate from watching nature and human intervation with it. The artist warns from this cruelty of mankind towards it's envoironment, but, despite her decisiveness about this subject - she is nonetheless taking part in this intervention, which does not remark favourably on the human nature."


Burning Sun

Installation view

Flying star

Broken moon

Installation view




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