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Solo Exhibitions


2019    The Expulsion, Artists' House, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nir Harmat.

2018    The Expulsion, Tall Wall Space, University of La Verne, California. Curatorial Guidance: Sagi Refael

2016    Hive Mind, Gonda Brain Research Institute, UCLA, Los Angeles, California. Curatorial Guidance: Sagi Refael

2016    Hive Mind, Gonda Brain Research Institute, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan. Curatorial Guidance: Sagi Refael

2014    Birds, Bet Alon Museum, Kibbutz Ginosar. Curator: Nava Harel Shoshani.

2014    New Forest, Merhav for Art Gallery, Jaffa. curator: Sagi Refael.

2010    Shoham Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Yael Goldman.

2008    The Zodiac, Opera house. Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Udi Rozenwein.

2007    Journey to Shamballa, Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007    ZHOU B Center, Oscar Friedel Gallery, Chicago, USA. Curator: Oskar Friedel.

2005    Some Luck, Bank Discount. Ramat Hashron branch, Israel.

2005    Some Luck, Bank Discount, Kikar Hamedina branch, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Group Exhibitions


2020    Man And Beast And Other Animals, Man and the Living Museum Ramat Gan. Curator: Adi Shelach

2020    Day Dreaming, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv. Curator:Daniel Tsaka Cohen

2019    African, ZeZeZe Architecture Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Gilat Elkeslasi

2019    Zodiac Ballet, Harris Gallery, University of La Verne, California. Curator: Dion Johnson

2018    Man And Beast And Other Animals, Haifa Museum of Art, Haifa. Curator: Adi Shelach

2018    Digital Beds, Main Artists Gallery, Ein Hod

2018    Artist wall x 9, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv. Curator: Nir Harmat..

2016    Artist wall x 9, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv. Curator: Dalia Danon.

2016    The Kick Inside, Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Gilat Nadivi and Vera Pilpul.

2016    Red Evening, Benefit Auction, Sotheby's Tel Aviv.

2016    Fresh Paint Art Fair, Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv.

2015    The Kick Inside, Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Gilat Nadivi and Vera Pilpul.

2014    The Ninth Passanger, ArtSpace, Tel Aviv. Curator : Yonatan Ullman.

2014    Africana Tropicana, Florentin 45 gallery, Fresh Paint art fair, Tel Aviv.

2014    Tough & Tender, The Third Age and the Fourth Gender, Golden Years in Contemporary Art,

            P8 gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Sagi Refael and Ora Ruven.

2014    Epidermis, Florentin 45 gallery, Tel Aviv. Curators: Gilat Nadivi and Vera Pilpul.

2013    Humor, Mamila Blv., Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Zipi Vital.

2011    Nimby – not in my back yard, Al Ha’zuk gallery, Natanya, Israel. Curator: Michal Weizer.

2011    Biblical Stories, Out door exhibition in Mamila Blv. Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Zipi Vital.

2010    Museum of the Americas, Florida, U.S.A.

2010    Winter Show, kishon Art Gallery, Tel Aviv.

2009    Parallel Worlds, Scala Mata gallery, Venice, Italy. Curator: Francesca Pisani.

2009    Spring Buds, Light House Gallery, Old Jaffa, Israel. Curator: Yael Goldman.

2009    Artists' House,Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: Tova Osman.

2008    Memory of the Future, Cite, Paris. Curator: Margalit Berriet.

2008    Galerie Z­Centre Culturel Christiane Peugeot, Paris.

2008­    Tova Osman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2007    Artistic Medal Biennial„ Treasure Museum, Colorado, USA.

2007    Refined, Al Ha’ zuk Gallery, Natanya, Israel. Curator: Michal Wiser.

2007    Desert Generation, Beit Haomanim, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam.

2006    Territory and Identity, Between Ceramics and Architecture, The Fourth Biennale of Israel Ceramics ,     

              Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv, Israel. Curator: David Kenafo

2006    Medal exhibition, Medialia Gallery, New York, USA.

2006    Al Ha’zuk Gallery, Nataniya, Israel.

2006    Holocaust and Heroism, The Bible Museum, Tel ­Aviv, Israel. Curators: Dr. Pavel Leibovitz and Eva Erlich ­Shalem.

2006    Portraits, Bet Alon Museum,Kibbutz Ginosar, Israel. Curator: Nava Harel Shoshani .

2004    Artistic Medal Biennial exhibition, Lisbon, Portugal.

2003 ­  The 3rd international Biennial of contemporary Art Medal, Seixal, Portugal

2003    Medal competion for international organization “Save a Childs Heart”. The medal won the 1st Award.

2002   Artistic Medal Biennial exhibition, Treasure Museum, Paris, France. 

2001 ­  Artistic Medal exhibition, Weill Institute, Kefar Shemaryahu, Israel.





The British Museum, London.

Treasure Museum, Paris

Private collections in Sweden, Italy, USA and Israel.


Public Commissions


2010   Boulevard, Outdoor sculpture at Ha’Emek hospital, Afula.

2004 ­  Commemorative sculpture for victims of terror in the city of Or­Akiva, Israel




2003­ – 2004 Workshop with the sculpture Tzevi Lachman.

2004­ – 2005 Curatorial studies with Tami Katz Freiman.

2006­ – 2007 Contemporary art lectures at Basis School of Sculpture.

1999 – 2003 – Sculpture studies at “Basis”, art school.

1976 – 1979 – Diploma, Interior design, Technion, Israel.

1964 – 1966 – Diploma, Pre­school teacher, Givat – Hashlosha Seminar, Israel.


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